Studio Schultz

Studio Schultz

Pilates makes everything better!

Pilates with Jennifer
Movement is medicine
Mat Pilates...solid 20 mins
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Check out my videos!
Check out my videos!


Certified in Pilates through Pilates Institute of America and PHI, Jennifer has been teaching Pilates (mat & apparatus) since 2005. Each session is unique while still following the pure formatting. She is constantly studying to keep all her sessions safe, challenging & creative.  Jennifer’s sessions will not only work your body evenly, but they will also help you heal.  Jennifer’s motto, “Pilates makes EVERYTHING better….everything.” 

Jennifer has been teaching Pilates barre since 2007. With her Pilates experience and a background in dance, barre was a natural addition.  After studying all of the barre training, she certified with Booty Barre because it is the absolute best certification out there – strong on safety, strength & movement…and it’s really fun. Jennifer also features her own choreography. Each session is unique so it’s NEVER dull and ALWAYS challenging.

"Change happens through movement and movement heals."
Joseph Pilates



Studio Schultz – perfect place to work your Pilates practice. Mat, Universal Reformer, Tower, Wunda Chair, ladder barrel, Barre, or any combination. Following an introductory session, I tailor your sessions to your specific body dynamics. Maybe you want a bit more cardio, so we use the reformer — if you really want a stretchy session, we may work more on the tower. Or you really want to work on your upper body strength, we’ll focus there. It’s all about YOU! Studio Schultz is equipped with Peak Pilates apparatus, including a reformer/tower combo, ladder barrel, and a wunda chair. All private sessions are one hour (ish).


Mat Pilates – you can’t shoot a cannon from a canoe…let’s create a battleship.  Pilates has three components:  strength, flexibility & stretch.  Each exercise in each session focuses on these three pieces to work on your battleship – your core.  Your core includes any muscle that attaches to your spine.  Using Joseph Pilates’s technique as a base, we modify as needed while honoring his traditional teachings. Using various props (ranging from paper plates to rings and straps! You will leave your session, feeling stronger, balanced and even taller!  


“Once upon a time, there was a frustrated “old” ballerina that worked in corporate America.  Then she found Pilates.  Years later, she found barre”.    I have been teaching barre since 2007.  With my Pilates experience & my background in dance, barre was a natural addition to my Pilates career.  After studying all of the barre trainings, I certified with Booty Barre because it is the ABSOLUTE BEST certification out there – strong on safety, strength & movement….and it’s FUN.  

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